Playing with colors…

Stayed home all day messing with my home page again. I thought, if I made the blog portion look like notebook paper, I might be encouraged to use it as such. Fun… all the pretty colors. Michael thought the notebook paper was come clipart I found. It’s not! I made it myself. Here’s a copy of the original for comparison:

Got a fun package in the mail yesterday. Dr. Warren sent before and after photos of my teeth:

A pretty good job after 2 years!

4 thoughts on “Playing with colors…

  1. Beth Terry

    No, he straightened them! Look how crooked the before pictures are.

    Bleach is the next step…

  2. Phaedra

    I’m surprised because they look so white!!! Your mom has such beautiful teeth, I figured you were blessed with a perfect set as well! Oh wait, Fran got those teeth 🙂

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