Monthly Archives: December 2006

2-Year Anniversary!

Inspired by Ellen’s new blog, His, Mine, Everyone’s, I’m motivated to report on things besides running again.

Sunday, 12/3/06, was our 2-year anniversary. Michael celebrated by writing his final paper to finish up grad school. Whew! I celebrated by run/walking 18 miles and nearly breaking both legs. Double Whew! We celebrated together this past Saturday at The Mint, where we sang songs, drank drinks, and did deeds. Michael wore the new shirt I got him:

Then we went back to the Inn San Francisco bed and breakfast where we stayed on our wedding night. It was just like starting over. Except that Will’s kids weren’t there the next day to wake us up. And we didn’t have lots of presents to carry home to Taft Avenue. Instead, we went for a run in the city, enjoyed a hot tub at the gym, and returned home to Hermann Street, where (we think) the landlord doesn’t want to evict us.

Christmas is coming, and New Year’s. I think I’ll come up with some resolutions in the next few days.

What are yours???