Monthly Archives: February 2006


Went with Nancy & David and their friend Deana to see TransAmerica. Felicity Huffman certainly did an Oscar-worthy job, I got a great walk out of it to downtown Berkeley, good conversation with Deana, a fellow knitter, and can check one more Oscar movie off my list. Plus there was gelatto. Scharffenberger flavor, no less.

Of course, it’s now 4am, and I’m still awake, so the day didn’t go completely as planned. I decided I’m going to get exactly 8 hours of sleep every night, but I guess not starting until tomorrow night. Why am I up so late? Working on my Knitting Projects page. Check it out again and leave me a comment!

Being obsessive…

…is something I know intimately. I spent more time working on my knitting page so that it would be more compatible with the general look of this new site. I went back and forth among font sizes and colors and families (yes, fonts have families too) and just oh so many tiny details. So please click the Knitting Projects link to see the updated pages.

Being obsessive is why I am back on Depakote again. (Well, the generic form of valproic acid.) Since yesterday. It’s got 3 main uses: convulsions, mania, and migraines. I don’t have convulsions or migraines. Before 4am this morning, I was up for 25 hours straight. The thing that finally got me to fall asleep was sitting in front of the TV with a glass of wine watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on DVD.

A few nice things today… Michael and I made turkey burgers for dinner and then went to see Goodnight & Good Luck at the California theater. The Oscar race has begun again, and that means a lot of movie-watching for the obsessed. It was good, but slow. Langorous, even. Michael thought Brokeback Mountain was a better film, and I agree.

Okay, so enough about me. Crappy things in the news this past week:

Samuel Alito was sworn in to replace Sandra Day O’Conner.

Coretta Scott King died. She went to the same college as my mom, Antioch. But my mother didn’t know her personally.

A whole ferry full of Egyptians died on their way home from Mecca.

Betty Friedan died today.

I’m going to bed now and hope to fall asleep. Goodnight and good luck.