Monthly Archives: September 2004

back for more whining…

Reading The Plague, by Camus, and spending many hours playing game after game of Internet Spades. Which is just great for irritated, blurry eyes. And I wonder why I’m getting depressed again. Also, the days are getting shorter, Winter will be upon us before you know it, and we’ve never really had Summer! Michael was on the Internet yesterday and found a house in Hilo, HI for $179K. He wants to move there and get involved in the Hawaii independence movement. I just want to get involved in SOMETHING. Anything besides all this wasting of time. The days are slipping by so fast. I’ll be 40 in less than 4 months. Yeah, I know, there’s nothing to do and nowhere to go — as the Advaita Vendanta people say. Still, why do I have the nagging sensation that I’M WASTING MY LIFE?!?!?

(Did you miss me?)


Back for a limited engagement. Sitting at Sue’s desk at In-House Staffing waiting for Helen and enjoying 85 degree weather. Just came from the eye doctor. My left eye is healing very well from the laser surgery last month. My right eye is scheduled for the same procedure in a couple of weeks. What else do you need to know?

Michael is walking over here to meet me and Helen. We’re going to hang out with her and her husband, Mark, this evening and talk about wedding plans. Yeah, that’s right. Wedding. Ours. Marriage. Husband and wife. But NOT mother and father. (Hey, why do we never say “wife and husband?”) So, all you right wing bigots out there who just had your convention in NY City this week, you think marriage has to be heterosexual for procreation purposes? We’re not procreating!

Wow. It’s really hot in here.