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Ever wish your life didn’t suck so bad? Be glad you don’t have Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva.

Just finished reading Faust. Why? Because of something Jonathan Franzen said in an essay about how it helps to connect with history. To realize that people have always been as f****d up as they are now and that our current problems aren’t so extraordinary. That Goethe, either he was ahead of his time or humans just haven’t changed all that much. I think it’s the latter.

Each little person lives a life, makes mistakes, has revelations, feels special and unique, dies. The next one comes along and does and thinks and feels the same things. And dies. Yes, of course there is change. But from a universal perspective, it’s ultimately meaningless. In Faust, everyone gets saved, regardless of their actions. The Lord even loves Mephisto; at least he tells him: I never hated those who were like you. Negation and creation equally necessary.

Next up: Prince, by Ib Michael, recommended by Mark.

Eye Update: 12 straight days of no pain. This morning, Day #13, a nice little bit of cornea-ripping. But at least my flesh is not turning into bone!

American Idol Update: Paula Abdul looked like a drag queen tonight. Jasmine’s flower was back in her hair. (My dad must have said something to her.) 2 different performers did Barbra Streisand songs. (Were you peeing on yourself, Mark?) I voted for Fantasia 35 times.

Blog Excuse Update: I haven’t been blogging so much lately because… um… I’ve been writing a lot more in my private journal and… I’m putting together something really great for later (yeah, right)… the weather has been too warm to stay inside at the computer… I’m off caffeine again and can’t focus too well… Can’t stop listening to stupid things on the news, like Donald Rumsfeld explaining that “It wasn’t torture; it was abuse.” Oh! My bad… I have too many DVDs to watch and not enough time (next up Elephant and then the original Solaris followed by the George Clooney remake)… and… nobody’s really reading this anymore anyway. Right?

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