spring cleaning…

Time for some changes. Like going back to the gym. I promised Michael I’d meet him at 24-Hour Fitness tonight after meditation. I haven’t been since the fall.

Another change: being on time to work every day. The result of another promise — this one to Jo Anne. A perfect record for 2 weeks now. Today starts the 3rd.

What else? I commented to Michael yesterday that, unlike the past, I have managed to make it to every event on my heavily booked calendar in the last few months. Where oh where did my flakiness go? Or the depression that in the past has ground me into my pillow when I had somewhere to be? I don’t think I’m less depressed, but somehow the world has been easier to face.

So anyway, here’s another change I need to make: A new domain name. herweirdest.com is just not doing it for me these days. Perhaps because I just don’t feel all that weird anymore. What to replace it with? Something inclusive. Something that doesn’t have an opposite. I’m open to any and all suggestions!

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3 Responses to spring cleaning…

  1. Kmeelyon says:

    03.15.2004 5:01 pm

    How about @herbest.com? Or @Versed (her worst and her verse)? @versity? Maybe not. You won’t choose it, but I like bethfly@homewithmichael.com


  2. Beth says:

    03.16.2004 12:44 pm

    I love the last one!

    But I’m afraid it’s a little bit like tattooing your lover’s name on your skin. Keep thinking!

  3. Kmeelyon says:

    03.17.2004 2:12 pm

    Okay, okay. Beth@herowndomain.com? Beth@oddswithusingherboyfriendsnameinthisspace.com?



    I can’t believe I gave up coffee yesterday. I could think of such better and more creative domain names if I were pumped on the juice, man.

    Signed, Kmeelyon@herleastcreative.com

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