something else I did today…

Thanks to David Richardson at The Hair Studio. (415) 433-2410.

Well, what do you think?

7 thoughts on “something else I did today…

  1. kmeelyon

    02.04.2004 2:33 pm

    Oh my god. What I think is that it looks fabulous. I also think that we are still living in parallel universes because I cut a ton of my hair off yesterday too. (Not as short as yours, but pretty dramatic after having hair down to the top of my bra strap.) Yours looks great!

  2. judy stoler

    02.05.2004 3:09 pm

    I admire your ability to take a chance. From the picture you look adorable–rather like Mia Farrow. Enjoy your new look.

  3. Tomi

    02.06.2004 12:57 pm

    Oh…muh…gaw. WOW. WOW. WOW. You look so good. Can’t wait to get my hands on your head!

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