blasny blasny…

“In my country, stupid people are valued! If not sure what to do, ask a stupid

person!… Then do opposite!” — The Foreigner

For some reason I just can’t bring myself to describe our day in complete sentences. 3pm: Snacks at Mark Peters’ house. Drawings of Kaui. Phone conversation with Will. 4:30pm: Drive to Pacifica with Sharon. 5:30pm: Dinner at Nona’s Kitchen with Sharon, Mark, Michael, Jon Bernie, Teresa, Kenneth, Katherine, & Joe. Butternut squash soup. Salmon and spinach. Strawberries and cream. Ravenswood merlot. Eating Michael’s sausage. Oh my. Eating Michael’s nuts. Oh my oh my. Eating Michael’s muscles… I mean mussels. Sheesh! 7pm: Watching Jon Bernie knit a hat. 8:00pm: Watching Paul Wells as Owen Musser in “The Foreigner.” Pacifica Spindrift Players. Laughter and general hilarity. Much fun. 11pm: Rainy drive home.

A genuinely nice day. So why does it feel so strange to report these things?