I had a bad dream last week. My sister and a friend travelled across the country to visit me in my new house. I was so excited to show them my beautiful antique Wedgewood stove. But when we got to the kitchen, the stove was gone! In its place was a mini apartment-sized electric stove. Electric! No! I called my landlady and told her what happened. She hemmed and hawed. “I thought you’d like a newer stove,” she said.

“No, I LOVED that stove.”

“Well, I took the old stove for myself because my stove broke. You’ll just have to use the new stove.”

“No! That old stove was one of the main reasons I chose this apartment!”

“Well, the stove is not part of the lease. The lease says I have to provide you with a stove, but not that particular stove.”

“I hate you! I’m moving!”

“Oh well.”

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