Monthly Archives: November 2003

riding waves…

I have updated the meditation room one final time. I think it looks and feels really good now. (I actually use it!) I need to because I am sooooo insanely busy right now that my head just feels like it will explode. I can’t sleep — too full of ideas. I find myself resenting my body’s physical needs. How to find balance? These up and down waves are just crazy.

Hmmm… what else do I have to report? I’ve been working a lot on the meditation web site: Trying to stay in my body while doing it. Otherwise, what’s the point of a meditation web site? The ends do not always justify the means. Meaning the process is more important than the end result, I think.

Halloween at Red’s house was fun and scary. Scary movies and even scarier frozen pizza. Then, Red got scary the next day when she threw us unceremoniously out of her house. “You guys have to get out now,” were her exact words. BAD Kitty Kat!!

Michael and I might have found a great apartment in Rockridge. We just have to convince the landlord to put in a washer and dryer.

Daddy had another heart attack scare this week, but it turned out to be his hiatal hernia and not his heart.

Michael and I are going to Beltsville on Thanksgiving Day because the fares are much lower if you fly on the actual holiday. The Thanksgiving feast will be Friday instead of Thursday. And Michael’s Mom might come down from New Jersey!

Ellen got married a couple of weeks ago. She’s having a “Marry Party” next Saturday, but we won’t see her until Thanksgiving. Does that mean we don’t have to get a gift?

Tonight we’re going to see Frankenstein (a multimedia show at Noh Space for which Allen from my meditation group composed the music) with Jon Bernie. Then Saturday is a meditation group steering committee meeting at my house (I have to clean!) and later a birthday party for Martha at Red’s house.

Sunday I just want to sleep, please. Can I?