out of balance…

eating out of control. haven’t been to the gym in months. when was the last time I cooked a nice dinner? had a massage? actually felt happy? it’s not just winter. it’s the computer!!! i’m turning back into one of those computer-obsessed geeks who thinks they can live on diet coke and chocolate and 2 hours of sleep per night… (why can’t i?)

I just want to hide inside all day and do Flash animations and blow off all my friends!! Fortunately, my best friends refuse to allow me to do that. Thanks, you guys. I really need you, even if I don’t act like it.

Thanks, Red, for doing my (somewhat) professional bio for me for work. (Everyone at Aunt Ann’s had to do this, and I was just beside myself Tuesday night until Red saved me.) Here it is — for anyone who wants to read it.

Oh!! Announcement: Michael and I are looking for an apartment together. Here are our requirements:

1) 2 bedrooms

2) Near BART

3) Sunny

4) Gas stove

5) Laundry facilities in the building

6) In a city that has rent-control. We’re focusing on Berkeley.

6) Preferably more than 1 bathroom, although that one isn’t an absolute deal-breaker.

Please let me know if you hear of anything.

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