Monthly Archives: October 2003

request for help…

For my Flash class assignment this week, I have redesigned my home page with a Flash interface. You can help me out by going to my home page: and testing it out. I especially need those of you with Dial-Up connections to test it. I’m hoping I have kept the file size small enough for even the slowest connection… but we’ll see. Please leave comments here.

Also, for my assignment last week, I redesigned the Attic. I’d love it if you guys would test that out too and get back to me. The sound doesn’t work yet — I had to remove it because I did it all wrong — but the rest of it should be mighty fine.

out of balance…

eating out of control. haven’t been to the gym in months. when was the last time I cooked a nice dinner? had a massage? actually felt happy? it’s not just winter. it’s the computer!!! i’m turning back into one of those computer-obsessed geeks who thinks they can live on diet coke and chocolate and 2 hours of sleep per night… (why can’t i?)

I just want to hide inside all day and do Flash animations and blow off all my friends!! Fortunately, my best friends refuse to allow me to do that. Thanks, you guys. I really need you, even if I don’t act like it.

Thanks, Red, for doing my (somewhat) professional bio for me for work. (Everyone at Aunt Ann’s had to do this, and I was just beside myself Tuesday night until Red saved me.) Here it is — for anyone who wants to read it.

Oh!! Announcement: Michael and I are looking for an apartment together. Here are our requirements:

1) 2 bedrooms

2) Near BART

3) Sunny

4) Gas stove

5) Laundry facilities in the building

6) In a city that has rent-control. We’re focusing on Berkeley.

6) Preferably more than 1 bathroom, although that one isn’t an absolute deal-breaker.

Please let me know if you hear of anything.

this is a test…

A new toy for the Skating Rink: audblog. I can call and record an audio post any time from any phone. The following is only a test. Please sit on your critical brain:

audio post powered by audblog

way to be…

Dad says that is the theme for today. He and mom are here doing what they do best, sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching CNN. Ah, retirement.

Mom and Dad stuff themselves.

So I was late getting up. Late to the plane. Late landing. Last off the plane. Forgot my cell phone. Had no phone numbers with me. Who can I call?!? Where’s my ride?!? Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

But then Mommy made me tuna/rice casserole and everything was okay again.

comments comments comments…

Up all night. I’ve added Comments links to the Books I’ve Read This Year and the Movies I’ve Seen This Year pages. My plan is to add some kind of discussion forums on books and movies — maybe through Blogger.

Last night I finished a really wonderful book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, by Mark Haddon. I think I might even add it to my favorites list. And Michael, you have to read it because you will like it! If I’m wrong, I’ll buy you ice cream! And Mark, you will definitely love this book. And Keely, I bet you will too!

Okay, it’s 4am and I have to wake up in 2 hours to pack and get to the airport. This will be my last trip to see Mom and Dad and David in Utah. They’re returning to Maryland at the end of the month. I guess I’ll maybe close my eyes for a couple hours.