Monthly Archives: December 2001

o holy night

Donna (an amazing landscape painter), Donna’s friend, Diane (an amazing photographer and scuba diver), Michael (just plain amazing) and I made a Christmas Eve dinner of , macaroni & cheese, sauteed carrots & zucchini, and pecan pie a la mode. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! The ham aroma drove the cats crazy. Sometimes it’s good to be human.

Speaking of furry creatures, Michael gave me a fuzzy black sweater (pictured), so I can more closely resemble his bear perhaps. (Should I also stop shaving?)

I gave him heaps of brand new unholey (but certainly not unholy) socks and made him promise to replace a pair of holey old socks with each new pair. Not one to waste anything, he of course bawked and squawked. I’m prepared to lose this one.

i see the light…

Let’s play a game! It’s called, “Guess What’s Different About Beth.” Nope. Not the hair color again. Same pale as death (Excuse me, we prefer the term, “fair”) skin. No new tattoos or other body modifications. Could it be that… well, I’ll be… Beth has eyes! Who knew?

That’s right. I have eyes. I have peripheral vision. I can see to shave my legs in the shower. I see in the rain. I can see on a train. I can see here or there. I can see everywhere! I can see in a sauna. I can go to

Osento, the women’s bathhouse, and see who’s in the hottub! No one will ever think I’m rude for not recognizing them again!