Monthly Archives: November 2001

i’m a winner!

Michael finished putting together my bicycle! I have ridden to work, to the eye doctor (I’m getting contacts), to and from Ruby’s house, and man am I sore in places you don’t really want to know about. (Just think about the shape of a bicycle seat, and you’ll know what I mean.) Anyway, my plan is to use it to commute to work when it’s not raining, and not to have any accidents. Michael and I did a test run this weekend. I had to stop and walk uphill a couple of times, and once I got dizzy and had to sit. Have to remember to drink water and breathe!

Michael and Donna and I had Thanksgiving dinner at The Beach Chalet.

The food was good, but no leftovers for sandwiches or even late night snacking. Later we watched Shrek on video. As good as Monsters, Inc. only different. Bought a Mrs. Smith’s pumpkin pie and made whipped cream to go with it. But it wasn’t MomMom’s. Well, really, what’s Thanksgiving without MomMom’s rolls? (You know, whenever my parents do something mean, like move to Utah without bothering to tell me, I think to myself, “MomMom would never have done that. She loved me.” I don’t know if it makes me feel better or worse. Be sure and check out my MomMom book in the Attic if you haven’t already.)

Also, I’ve finished a new video (Go back to Foyer and click on Screening Room or click here) for your viewing pleasure, and totally missed out on the news that my parents just moved to Utah for 18 months! They took David and Dad’s new computer, so it’s serious. Let’s see… has anything else happened besides this bloody video which has kept me up all night?

Oh, yeah! Another miracle from Toshiba! The second part of the Class Action settlement was a Toshiba freecard (like a debit card) worth $225 in Toshiba products. A brand new digital camera is now mine. But really it’s yours. I do all this web stuff for you, you know. Yeah, I’m talking to you.

Good Night!