tripod unfair to the ignorant!

First of all, I have added a new door which leads to the Screening Room. The first movie review is up: Mulholland Drive, which Michael and I saw last night. He requested that I post my interpretation of it, since I seem so confident that I have all the answers. (I’m probably just as wrong as everyone else, but don’t tell him that.) Please feel free to email me reviews and comments about movies you’ve seen recently, and I will post them and give you full credit.

Second, I got FLASH! I don’t know what I did right, but someone up above was happy with me! I received a completely unexpected check for $354 in the mail this week from a Toshiba Class Action settlement. It was a sign. As you may recall, last month I sent out a plea for contributions to my “Get Beth Flash So She Can Make More Cool Videos For Us To Watch Fund.” Just when I was thinking all hope was lost, the check arrives, all shiny and new! I knew that if I used it to pay off a credit card, it would just disappear into the Heavens from whence it had come. I bought Flash immediately! Donna is worried that I’ll be up all night every night, and she’ll never see me again. Don’t worry, Donna. Everyone knows I have a short attention span.

Third, I just have to whine about Tripod for a minute. They are one of the only free web hosting services that allows CGI programs, and as such, was hosting my page with the hair color poll, since that poll is a CGI. Well, apparently, I did something which violates their Terms of Service, and they deleted my page. You’ll notice the big ugly Tripod Notice on 9-27-2001 which replaces the poll. The problem is, they refuse to tell me what I did wrong. They say they don’t have to because the service is free and they can kick anyone off for any reason. They tell me to read the Terms of Service, and that’s all they will say.

I think (but I don’t know for sure) that they didn’t like that Michael and I tried to transfer a huge file from his computer at home to my computer at work by ftp-ing the file to and from the Tripod site. They say their site is not to be used solely for storing files that will be used on other sites. Obviously, that was not my intention. That file was only to exist on their site for a few minutes before I transferred it to my computer and deleted it from theirs. But I never got to do that. They booted me so fast my head almost flew off. So this is just a warning to anyone planning to use Tripod for their website. Don’t put any files there that aren’t linked directly to a Tripod webpage or you will lose everything you have!

Send an email to Tripod. Tell them you’re going to boycott their advertisers, and you don’t have to explain why. It’s in YOUR Terms of Service.

And fourth and finally, and probably most important, please check out my friend, Vivek’s, poem, “Love Crime,” at, The South Asian Literature & Art Archive, a website that was created in response to the September 11 attacks. His poem was also published in the October 14th San Francisco Chronicle.