Step 8 – Person’s and Institutions I Have Harmed

1) Leonora Holman – went home with her boyfriend, judged her, lied to her.

2) Debbie LeMay – Polopony

3) Doubleday Books – stole sooo many books when I worked there.  Did I also steal books from Bookland?  Probably.  Did I steal stuff from Drug Fair?  Probably.  I think we stole food from McDonald’s when we worked in the Drive Thru, but not sure.

4) Denise Collins — all the messing around on her time

5) Michael.  It’s true.  I have just left the cat litter box for you to clean up because I didn’t want to do it.  I didn’t forget… I just didn’t do it.

6) Fran Terry – gossiping about her to build myself up

7) Red Lee – our whole relationship and how it went down with Michael

8) Martha Valentine – how it went down with Red

9) That boy I slept with from

10) Stole a muffin from Cala when I was going to IOP

11) Stole Waxilene from Rainbow Grocery because I could

12) Stole a bottle of essential oil from Whole Foods and maybe a very expensive eyeliner, not sure.

13) Stole a pair of Feelgoodz natural rubber flip flops from Whole Foods Oakland.  I had called and asked if they had my size; went to the desk and asked for them; tried them on; and then when I was ready to pay, I noticed the woman was gone from behind the counter and no one was watching me.  So I walked right out of the store with them.  Was about to get on my bike and realized I had left my mug in the store, so I walked right back in with the flip flops in my bag, got my mug, and walked back out again.  I had lots of opportunity to pay, but I didn’t pay.  I stole.  On purpose.

14) How I lied to San Francisco Freecycle.  That moderator is an asshole, but it doesn’t justify the fact that I totally lied.  I deserved to be kicked off the list.  Not for the reason that I was originally kicked off, but for the lying I did later.

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