still alive…

Typing from Bady’s dial-up connection in Turners Falls, MA. The drive here on Thursday was nice, although we got lost in town and drove past their house twice. Rachel is an awesome cook! After Diane’s Major Lasagne and Rachel’s Fantastic Fritattas and Perfect Peanut Sauce, I may never need to eat again.

Rachel’s daughters, 5-year old Mamou and 2-year old Dina, are even cuter than Uncle Edward’s cocker spaniels. AND they don’t jump up and lick our faces!

Yesterday, we all took a walk to the convenience store and counted Easter Egg trees in people’s yards. Last night, we had a Star Trek marathon and have decided to start speaking only in mythological metaphors like the Tamarians.

This afternoon, we will leave here to drive back to New Jersey. Tomorrow morning, we fly back to the West Coast.

My eye has started acting up again, but I think it will last long enough to make the drive back. I have an appointment with Dr. Hamilton on Monday morning.

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