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Writing from Tenafly, New Jersey. We were supposed to be driving to Boston today, but my eye has decided to relapse! Monday morning, I woke up with biting corneal pain again. Michael’s mom, Judy, called her opthalmologist yesterday. Unfortunately, he wasn’t available, so I got an appointment with his associate, Dr. Clancy. Dr. Clancy took a cursory look and couldn’t find anything wrong. Even when Michael and I asked him to look again. So I spent the day yesterday in pain with watering eye and running nose trying to convince myself that I wasn’t crazy.

This morning, instead of driving to Boston, we called and made an appointment with the more senior doctor, Dr. Stabile. He not only located the problem, but drew me a picture of where a NEW EROSION has formed and prescribed antibiotic drops that I am to use every 2 hours. I’m not thrilled about this fouled up cornea, but at least I have proof of sanity (at least where eye pain is concerned.)

If all goes well today, we will attempt the drive tomorrow.

The weather here is actually pretty pleasant today. Yesterday, however, was horrendously cold and windy. But Michael and his mom have been taking good care of me. Last night, Judy cooked a really delicious Passover seder dinner for us. (I have often wondered why Christians don’t celebrate Passover.) And Sunday night the three of us went to see “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” I’ll have more on that later.

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  1. RED says:

    04.06.2004 | 5:50 pm

    My poor little bunny rabbit

    🙁 How is your eye? I hope you’re feeling better. There must be something they can do for this! It reminds me of my eye problems years ago when I had cloudy eye and the found nothing, so frustrating.

    Off the subject, my Blooger is not posting– any ideas? Beth?


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