more bad boys on bart…

Met with Kitty Kotzebue and her partners at The Resource Corner. I’ll be going to their office the last Monday of each month to do an hour or two of bookkeeping. But the really exciting thing is that I get to edit their web page, too. I showed Kitty the page I did for Aunt Ann’s intranet, and she asked me if I knew HTML. “Do I know HTML? Ha! Child’s play!” I said. Okay, I didn’t really say that. But I did look at the code for their page and assure her that I could do whatever editing they need. So who are my web design clients at this point? Ruby, Jon Bernie (not up yet), Aunt Ann’s (private), and now The Resource Corner. Oh, and of course, myself. Anybody want a web site?

Met up with Mark afterwards and walked with him to Meditation. Nice and uneventful. Afterwards, had a bowl of minestone soup at Chow before going to the gym on Market Street. The BART ride home, once again, was filled with drunken young men. These guys I didn’t talk to, just watched with amusement as they swung like monkeys from the overhead railings and did flips and other gymnastic stunts. My first reaction was annoyance until I really started paying attention to them. Such exuberance. Such delight in their bodies and what those bodies can do. Of course, they were trying to impress a couple of girls who were with them. Why weren’t the girls doing somersaults, too?

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