Whew! I just finished posting Real Audio excerpts from a City Arts & Lectures interview of Jonathan Safran Foer in the library. I listened to the interview on July 2 and have finally found the time to upload clips as well as write my own commentary on Foer and his book, Everything Is Illuminated. I think the interview clips are funny and insightful and just really enjoyable to listen to. Feel free to scroll down and skip all my verbiage if you just want to listen. I won’t be offended. Whoever you are. Click here for interview and book notes!

Jo Anne is away in Kansas until next Tuesday, so I am all alone in the accounting office doing both our jobs. It’s mostly nice and quiet. I enjoy working with Jo Anne, but I also like the solitude.

Got a nice surprise email from Keely this afternoon. I haven’t seen her since 2001 and our last email exchange was over a year ago. I’ve missed her.

Oh, also I won tickets to see Chicago at the Golden Gate Theater on Wednesday, Aug 6! This is the second MyBart drawing I have won. Michael thinks I’m lucky enough to run through forests blindfolded.

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