freaky dreams… fine art… free food…

Dreams about death and dementia last night — the first dreams I’ve entered into my Dream Log. Called Mark to make sure the parts about him were not true.

Art and more free food at a benefit for Brenda Prager, founder and curator of the Addison Street Windows Gallery. Brenda Prager was diagnosed with terminal end-stage cancer a month ago. I never knew who she was, but have enjoyed the Addison Street Windows every day on my walk to BART. (Pictures of the windows are now in the “Art Around Town” section of the Gallery. Many artists donated work to the show. The most moving work, though, were 3 large embroidered and painted photographs done by Brenda Prager herself: grandmother in knee-high support hose, daughter asleep in flannel shirt, flower in bud vase. They were not for sale. According to her daughter, Prager has done 20 of these works and never shown any of them before these three. Unfortunately, Prager was too sick to be at the benefit and couldn’t enjoy the acclaim her pieces received.

Based on our successful foraging this weekend, Michael and I have decided to eat for free as often as we can. Apparently the Hare Krishnas have a free vegetarian banquet every Sunday evening. You just have to listen to their plug. Can’t be worse than a time-share promo, can it?

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