2000 was possibly the worst year of my life:

    • After months of agonizing over the Y2K bug and the end of the world, I got so drunk on New Years Eve that I ended up with photos I have no memory of having taken.


    • A few weeks later I landed in the hospital with severe pneumonia and nearly uncontrollable fevers that had me hallucinating television commercials every time I closed my eyes.


    • During this illness, my friend, Mark, was hospitalized after a serious attack of apendicitis. Needless to say, I couldn’t visit him.


    • This illness introduced me to Hycodan cough syrup, which is way stronger than codeine and much more addictive. When that ran out I found myself grasping for anything else that would get me high — inventing reasons to request Xanax or Restoril or even over-the-counter sleep medicine, which I usually chased with a comforting glass of Kahlua and milk. 2000 was a year of addictions.


    • In March, I had laparoscopic surgery to remove endometriosis. Instead, the doctor discovered fibroids, which would have to be removed by more surgery later in the year. (By the way, Vicodin was prescribed for the pain!)


    • In the summer, I had the myomectomy to remove the fibroids. I was out of work on disability (and more Vicodin) for 6 weeks.


    • During that 6 weeks, instead of resting, I used the time off to break up with Ruby and find another place to live. Also during that time, I got together with Michael — the best thing that could have happened all year. Unfortunately, I was too whacked out at that time to enjoy it.


  • The end result of all the tumult (as well as substance abuse) was a trip to the loony bin and another 10 weeks on disability, during which I wasn’t sure I would ever feel good again.


    • The strongest thing I had to drink on 12/31/2000 was a mug of hot cocoa! I vowed not to drink any alcohol all year, and managed to stick to it, despite some nasty cravings at times.


    • My doctors finally found me the right combination of drugs to function and get off of disability. I went back to work on January 2 and have managed to get to work ever since.


    • I started the year almost $18,000 in credit card debt. I ended the year under $6,000 in the red and set up automatic payments to my IRA.


    • And speaking of money, it’s been raining down on me in little bits all year, from unexpected payments from Toshiba to gifts that I wasn’t expecting. I’ve been able to purchase a couple of things, like Flash and a digital camera to keep me learning and working on this website and OUT OF TROUBLE!


    • Aside from a few minor illnesses and the one time I fell on my head, I’ve been pretty healthy this year. And with the bicycle that Michael built for me, I hope to get even healthier.


    • Michael and I had a great time this year, dressing up in 80s garb or pajamas to go dancing, seeing movies and videos and concerts, encouraging each other’s projects and creative obsessions (Yeah, Stoler, you ARE creative!), playing with cats and stuffed toys, taking walks all over town, eating chocolate and ice cream (and chocolate ice cream), and… and… more fun and nerdy things than I can think of right now.


  • But possibly the biggest GOOD thing (September 11 being the biggest BAD thing that happened all year) to happen this year — I SAW MADONNA! A year with a Madonna concert has GOT to be good.

SO… you’ve probably guessed by now… all this is leading up to:


Since last year was so good, I don’t really want all that much to change, so this list will be brief.

1) Pay off my remaining debt completely. In order to do that, I have a few sub-resolutions:

      a) Continue to work and not get sick.


      b) Stop taking taxis. In 2001 I spent almost $700 on taxicabs. I resolve to ride my bike, take the bus, or walk. HOWEVER, if I do take a taxi and am in Daly City, I recommend SERRA YELLOW CAB. (650) 991-3881. Their drivers are the fastest, safest, and friendliest by far.




      c) Limit the number of restaurant meals I have each month.


      d) Sell things I don’t need. For example, right now I am selling a bunch of used CDs and books on

2) Continuing the health trend, I want to get in better shape this year. Most of the sub-resolutions for this category were already mentioned in the money category: Riding my bike and walking instead of taking a cab (at least 3 times per week) and eating out less. The only other subs are:

      a) Eat a green vegetable at least 3 times per week (I know it’s pathetic, but it’s about 95% better than I’m doing right now.)


      b) Don’t eat after 10pm.


    c) Continue abstaining from the demon alcohol!

3) The one thing didn’t do too well this year was keep up with my friends. So in 2002, I resolve to check in more often, remember birthdays, and just basically spend more time with those who are important to me.

There, I think those are enough resolutions, don’t you? Time for bed. Good night.

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