party party…

Aunt Ann’s held a birthday lunch for me. I don’t know where they got the idea I was having a birthday. Don’t they know I just don’t age? In fact, I wasn’t really born, but was imagined by a tattoo artist in some dank shop in Amsterdam a few years ago and just keep being reproduced onto the biceps of lonely sailors. As long as they keep asking for me, I’ll never grow old, and I’ll never die. Anyway, I went along with the party idea just to keep everyone happy, and requested pizza and chocolate cake. Yum! Michael came with me and met all the people I work with. He took the following stellar photos:

After work, I met Michael, his friend, Jeremy, and his former boss, David, for 80s Trivia Night at The Mad Dog In The Fog. We did not win. But we did not drink, either. Nevertheless, much fun and rockin’ good times were had. Plus I got to drive Donna’s car again.

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